Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Morning Star

Morning Star

A morning star calls me to attention.
Amidst its soft glow in blue sky above,
Are mysterious beings of light and life
Beyond what my naked eye can see,
And my logical mind comprehend.

Oh, vastness and wonder
The Universe beckons me
To broaden my perspective.
It awaits patiently for my mind
To expand and eagerly embrace,
To bravely traverse,
And venture into, the unknown.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Dream To Fly

There once was a women who was convinced she could fly, if only she could find the right mountain ledge to leap from. She had seen herself do exactly that in a dream, and it felt so real she just knew it was possible. And so she set out on a quest to find the mountain she had seen in her dreams.

The woman had sold all her possessions so she would be free to fulfil her dream. She had only the clothes on her back, a small sleeping bag, and a rucksack filled with whatever food she could carry. She kept her money hidden in her sleeping bag in a pocket she had sewn so it could not be lost, or found.

One night the woman was sleeping soundly when an owl calling out in the night awakened her. Startled, she sat up and looked around but could not see or hear anyone. Unable to get back to sleep, she lay on her back and looked to the stars. The moon was cupped as if it was about to spill its entire contents on her head. She imagined it did just that, and felt the moon dust fall over top of her. Soon she was sleeping again, this time so deeply that she slipped into another world and never returned to the one she had begun her life in.

When the woman awoke, she found herself nestled inside a nest on top of a tall tree. She had become an owl chick, but with the memory of the woman she once was. A few weeks later, she knew her dream had come true when she took her first flight out of the nest. She flew toward the nearby mountain and landed on a small ledge facing the East. Here, she gave thanks to Great Spirit for helping her fulfil her seemingly impossible dream.

It is believed that the woman can be seen on dark starry, summer nights, flying toward the moon. They say she has an owl flying beside her, showing her the way.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Is All We Can Be Sure Of

By Heather Price

Restless sleep with windows banging
Constantly reminding that all is not well.
Moments of fearful imagination,
Relentless storm with future stories to tell.

Awakened to a city strewn with wood and leaves
Displaced objects and leaking roofs.
Sandbags placed strategically in desperation,
Confusion, and fear of displacement.

Evening comes again with silence at last,
Days of wind and rain now finally past,
From time to time, the sound of sirens
Whining in the distance.

Mother Earth surely now has our attention,
There has to be reason for her dissension.
Predictability long gone,
Nature now forces us to listen.

What of the lands and peoples of the Amazon?
With dams being built without thought or care.
Surely we cannot turn a blind eye,
And not notice such destruction there?

Stop now the Wind calls.
Stop and look at what you are doing.
Stop and think about where to from here?
Stop and wonder, what of your Children?

Pay attention the rain threatens,
Pay attention to your heart.
Surely you can feel the imbalance?
Surely you can feel the old people’s pain?

And my brother Wind hears the call of the Spirits,
And summons his sister, Rain,
And together they wake us up,
And together they shake us up.

It is time, past time.
Time for moderation,
Time for consideration,
Perhaps it is even time for obliteration.

Wake Up now and defy doom and gloom,
And choose instead to believe in magic
And all the possibilities of Light,
Welcome, and be, only love.

For when there are seemingly no answers,
Love is all we can be sure of,
Share it, bless it and give thanks for it,
And open your heart wider to even more gentle, powerful Love.