Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reflection Shamanic Walk September 2012

Today we had a lovely walk at Mt Tibrogargen, part of the Glasshouse Mountains. Here, the Nature spirits spoke to us - and this is our reflection of the teachings of the mountains:

We began the journey at a crossroads, where there were many possible distractions, with past experiences, past lives and and ancestral imprints waiting to take our energy. Instead, we chose to focus on our main vision, and to forge ahead with confidence, in presence.

And when we find ourselves fallen, we choose to see this as an opportunity for new growth and expansion, and creative thinking.

When darkness arrives uninvited, and unexpected, and sometimes violently and cruelly, we remember the light, and that life is cyclic. “This too will pass”. We draw strength from the Divine feminine to do this, where we learn to self-care and self-nurture. At the same time, we find the courage to stand up for what is not right for us, and to speak our truth and defend ourselves when necessary. By valuing boundaries, and the natural laws, and when appropriate - man made laws, we feel safe.

And when we remember to honor the earth, to welcome and create joy, we embrace the light, and our shadow is clearly seen, we can make good and right decisions.

And the darkness that we are aware of is then able to reach out to the light, and to be taken to the fire for cleansing and regeneration.

All the while we are aware of the road less travelled, perhaps where there is less opportunity for nurturing and some risk involved with being on the edge, and we can choose to take it – or not. But we are always aware of it. The choice is ours.

Finally,  when we surrender our fear, and fully embrace the support of the earth and unseen worlds, the shamanic way, we arrive at a place that seems so natural and familiar; a place of rest. And here the teacher, the wolf, speaks to us, and reminds us to be still, and to be present.

And with the stillness comes openness, a meeting place of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, a place of strength and nurturing. Here we remember to sing to the earth, and the mountain, in gratitude for all her gifts. Here we remember we are not alone, and to seek out to connect with those of like mind. Here we remember who we are, and to walk strongly on the earth, knowing that people who understand and truly love us without judgment, and in appreciation of our difference, will always search for the best in us. Here we dance and sing and celebrate in joy for life itself.