Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am here to wake you up,
To wake you up to your true nature
To remind you of who you really are.

I am here to wake you up,
To encourage you to step up
To step out
To be resilient
To have trust in yourself
To be brave and to keep your heart open.

I am here to wake you up,
To remind you to be grateful
To remind you to love and respect the earth
You walk on.
This earth, Mother Earth, provides
All you need on this journey,
I am here to remind you of that.

And to remind you that you are on a mission
To create light, to create joy, to create love
At every opportunity.
To know your right to be loved and to love freely.
For you are a divine being of light and love,
This is your true nature.

I am here to assist you to remember
Who you are, Where you have come from,
And Where you are going.

Wake up now!
Know yourself and know your mission
As a spirit being in human form,
For you are the co-creator of your life
And you are one with all of life,
All creatures breathe the air you breathe
All of life depends on your being here right now,
You are a part of nature’s dreaming.

I am here to tell you
You are not alone on this journey
And this is not the only world to travel in,
Go within and find and know
Your animal guides and teachers.
Look up and feel the love of your eternal father
In sky and sun,
And your ancestors in the stars,
They will show you the way.
Breathe down into the earth
And feel your life-force being renewed
By your earth mother and crystal beings.

It is time to wake up!
And there is no other who can walk this path for you,
You are the one.
And though only you can walk this path
You never walk it alone.

And at times fear will be your companion.
It is time now to wake up and embrace your fear,
To love your fear through your understanding of it,
And to live in joy despite your fear.
For fear has enabled you to stretch yourself
Beyond your imagination,
And to awaken you to your brave-heart.

Walk now in the light
Walk in consciousness and awareness,
Trust in your self and your life’s dreaming,
And know I walk beside you,
And know I love you
And I believe in you,
And have held your dreams until you
Could hold them for your self.
That time is now.

                              Copyright © Heather Price 2011

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