Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Magical Moment

As I sit here at the airport on my way to Melbourne to work, I can hardly believe how I feel now compared to how I did this morning. I wonder if I had taken the time to write this blog early this morning if my day might have unfolded differently?

Right now, I am tired and frustrated. My plane is a half hour late, and as I arrived an half hour earlier so I would have time to write this, I realise that it is just as well, because I forgot to do that when I first arrived. So here I am, attempting to bring things back into order by sharing a magical moment I had this morning with you.

Waking early, with dozens of things on my mind to do to get ready to go to work and to get away later to Melbourne, I decided to take a walk down by the brook to prepare my day. Soon after my decision, I found myself on the busy pathway by a flowing creek not far from my house. It was about 6am and there were people everywhere - pushing prams containing children and kittens (I am not kidding), walking dogs, on bikes, hand in hand, jogging, they were everywhere. As I made my own way on this busy pathway, I did my best to stay in the moment and still my busy mind. Using my senses, I took in the scents, the sounds, what I felt, and tried not to get too carried away with the distraction of what I could see.

After about half an hour I was feeling very peaceful, and began to sink into a state of gratitude. As I turned back to walk homeward, my breath was taken away by the sight of the brook glistening in the sunlight. Though I realised time was slipping away and there was much to do, I couldn't help myself and took a moment to stop under the busy bridge and take in the spectacular beauty. Then I noticed something - it had suddenly become very quiet, and I realised I was alone under the bridge with this incredible beauty in front of me. There was no one in sight - not even in the distance. For several minutes no car travelled overhead, and only a few minutes early there had been a steady flow of traffic. No bikes, no babies or cats in prams, no scrambling dogs, no lovers sharing the precious moments of the first day, no sullen young men going reluctantly to school and work, no joggers. Nothing -  just me and the magical landscape in front of me.

I began to cry, the tears rolling down my cheek. I remembered how many moments like this I had had during my 35 years on the land, and realised I was homesick. At the same time, I had no doubt I had been blessed with this divine gift - just for me. Several minutes passed, still in silence and solitude, and I felt a connection with all of you - I suddenly couldn't wait to get home and write about this, to share it with you.

When I arrived home, I looked at the clock (a big mistake) and changed my mind; I had so much to do before I went to work. I decided I would write about it at work. When I got to work I was distracted by an 'urgent' email and another task to do. My work with my clients didn't flow - my timing was out and I felt unhappy with my skills for the first time that I can remember in a long time. The day continued until I finally found myself at the airport. The taxi driver got me here early by breaking all the road rules he could, even though I kept telling him there was no hurry (I think the airlines heard me even though he took no notice). Arriving early at the gates, I was exhausted. Later, when they announced the plane was half hour late, I went to phone my friend in Melbourne to tell her, only to find my phone was flat. Finally, I remembered - I hadn't written my blog - I hadn't shared my magical moment.

So here I am, seemingly with minutes to go before I will be boarding until another announcement tells me the plane is another half hour late - I am still not in flow.

When I look back at that magical moment, as I stood in awe at the beauty and solitude of the shimmering brook, I realise how addicted I have become to being 'on time'. Tears well up with sorrow that I didn't take the time to sit and share that moment when it really felt right. Then I smile to myself, as I realise and remember that all is divine and perfect. I have had the opportunity to sit here and reflect on my day, to unwind, to write to you, to share deeply; to realise I am human, that I give 100 percent, and sometimes that just isn't enough for others, but it is always enough for Great Spirit, and always enough for me.

I just hope my friend in Melbourne is as certain of divine time as I am, and the minute I wonder this, I know she will be. All is well.

I promise never to forget the gift of the brook this morning. I promise to listen with even more awareness to my inner voice. I promise to continue to share my magical moments with whom ever wants to listen. I promise to continue to trust in my journey and to believe more in myself.

It is time at last to prepare to board. Thank you, with Love and Gratitude Always.

I aspire to inspire those who travel with me to live consciously and confidently, and to step up to meet their dreams, keeping and open and resilient heart in love and gratitude, always, and all ways.

I stand for equality - and know every single person deserves to be supported to reach their full potential. I am a Dream-holder and Visionary, and will hold your dreams and share your visions until you can hold and see them for yourself. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healing and Growing Within The Sacred Circle

Every ship needs a good compass, so let’s begin the journey of creating our own compass for life, the Sacred Circle, so we can become the navigators of our destiny.

When we look more closely at who we are, we discover the four basic aspects of ‘Self’ and our individual compass that guide our every day life in conscious and sub-conscious ways. Our mind, body, heart and spirit all contribute to our identity and individual experience of life, and when these aspects are in balance we are more able to live freely and authentically. Unfortunately we are not always conscious of the processes that are taking place within us and most of us tend to be more aware of our intellectual and physical components of self rather than listening to the needs of our heart and spirit. We often think with our minds to make decisions that would be far more harmonious for us if we had consulted our emotional and spiritual parts of self.

On the other hand, many of us may live our lives primarily in consideration of our emotional and spiritual needs and again, this limited focus will not serve us well in the end. It is when we realise the benefits of bringing all important parts of who we are together into balance that we truly begin to reclaim our power and live our lives to our full potential and with purpose. We also begin to heal when we learn to let go of our past and begin to live in the present moment, and our awareness of who we are and why we are here is heightened in every way.

Living, healing and working within the Sacred Circle helps us to understand that life is cyclic and, contrary to some beliefs that we lead a linear existence, we discover that we are repeating patterns over and over again, each time being given a new opportunity to grow and learn and bring ourselves into balance. When we learn to see our existence as seasonal and cyclic, we are more connected with nature and her natural cycles that flow all around us.

As we give way to a natural urge to resist and shun fear, and begin to accept that the challenges in our life are really opportunities to grow, we remember who we really are, and begin to move with the natural rhythms of the universe. We become more connected to the whole of existence as well being a separate being with his or own personal purpose for healing.

Extract from Level One IVET (Integrative Vibrational Energy Therapy).
Shamanic Path and Practice Training
Heather Is training in Melbourne and Brisbane early 2011 
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Attitude of Abundance

This is an abundant moon right now – Can You Feel It??
I keep hearing –

Have an Attitude of Abundance Heather – and I so do! 
And am sure you do too.

And I was given a vision of a great, wide, open river flowing freely toward me as I stood on top of my meditation mountain – it came without asking- it was beautiful. 

It came with a message that I want to share with you because I know it is true for you too:

Everything is flowing toward you, be still and receive it all with an open heart ”.

In Love and Gratitude Always


Heather Price
Creative Counselling & Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Path & Practice Trainer (IVET)
Consultant for Wellbeing in Life and Industry (Business/Corporate)
Community Facilitator & Presenter
Sacred Space & Ceremony Facilitator
‘The Difference’ Collaborator & SSSD Team Leader
Artist, Writer. Visionary and Dream-holder

Abundant Zambezi River

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Recently, on Saturday November 13 I spent a day in gratitude, and I found out the next day, Sunday 14th, was a day declared as Gratitude Day in India! I must have tuned into Universal Gratitude that day.

The day was beautiful and I spent the morning making a divine spiral shell mandala of gratitude, thanking all the people and situations in my life that have supported me, and helped me to grow and develop into who I am.  I made a video of the end result, which I will attempt to attach for you at another time. I will include a picture below of a sacred circle sand and shell mandala to give you some idea today. This is much smaller version done in a quarter of the time as the Gratitude Spiral, but was incredibly moving and powerful nonetheless. 

When I make these mandalas, I sit in the one spot and only move within about 8 feet of this spot, searching for shells around me. I was fortunate that morning, as I sat by the water’s edge, to have hundreds of shells to choose from, as they were prolific, most unusual, but divinely perfect.

The afternoon was spent under a tree as the tide came in and I had to move. I spent hours there meditating on the energy of gratitude, and then channeled some messages and poems from three guides; two of who have walked with me for a long time, Grey Eagle, and Flyamoonos, both of whom are native American, and a more recent guide who came to me in Hawaii, whom I know as Master Po. Master Po has a great sense of humor, is very kind and patient with me, and is teaching me how to speak and write in Hawaiian. I am a novice at this of course, and have only my dictionary to interpret the words, but so far we have been able to understand each other.

I was shocked when Master PO first spoke to me speaking in his own language when I was in Hawaii. I was there studying with renowned Huna shaman, Serge Kahili King. Serge took us on a journey each day, into a sacred garden and while in there I met Master Po. Serge asked us to bring back a ‘song’ and each item I went in Master Po gave me a few words in Hawaiian. When I came back form the journey I told Serge what happened and shared what I had heard, and he would interpret the messages for me. The first two times this happened the words were spot on and relevant to what we had been discussing before the journey. I was very overwhelmed, and eventually I found it too difficult and sacred to share, so I bought a dictionary and began my own journey with Master Po, recording these wonderful teachings.

For a while, as life got busy, I stopped channeling from Master Po, and when I tried, the words were not as clear or accurate as they were in Hawaii, until my recent day of gratitude. On this day, Master Po kindly began his sacred communion with me in English, and then channeled two messages in Hawaiian. It is a tedious chore trying to work out the meaning, as each word has so many possible interpretations, depending on its grammatical emphasis, which I don’t yet understand. I look forward to one day taking my messages, songs, poems and chants to Hawaii and finding someone to help me work with them so I can share them more confidently. In the meantime, I will share the English versions here with you over the next few days, and also two poems and messages from my other guides. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Blessings Be, by Grey Eagle 13.11.10

Blessings be upon the earth,
And all who hold her dear.
Blessings be upon the land,
Both across the ocean
And near.
Blessings be upon all people
From all places, with
All faces.

Blessings be upon their hearts
Filled with love for all.
Blessings be sisters,
Blessings be brothers,
Blessings be fathers,
Blessings be mothers.
May the light shine upon you,
May the dawn bring you
All that is dear to you.

Silent Gratitude by Master Po 13.11.10

Silent Gratitude.
Deep, moving, soothing.
Light, loving, bless-ed, like
Dew Drops and gentle rain on
A sunny day –
Heart leaps with joy
With the contradiction.

Silent gratitude –
Wisdom expressed
Thoughtfully, kindly,
In order to fuel unbending
Minds and hearts with
Loving thoughts and
Deep appreciation.

A sparkle, a deep jubilant sigh.
A breath caught, trapped
In glorious light.
Silent, gracious, abundant love.

(This  beautiful poem was channeled in English)

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting with you here again soon,

In Love and Gratitude Always

Heather Price


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shamanic Path and Practice - Training Testimonial by Gail Kenny


Welcome to my new blog page. I look forward to meeting with you here. Blessings Heather

Shamanic Path and Practice Training with Heather Price

How would you like to go on a 5  day shamanic training retreat in beautiful bush setting with panoramic views  to Moreton Bay, close to Brisbane, where you can unwind and connect deeply  with the healing power of nature? While you are there you will learn to  navigate other worlds and to track, transform, and heal imbalances and blocks  in your auric field and chakra system. Guided by the gentle and powerful  teachings of the Sacred Circle and Shamanic  Way. 
  • Expand Your Energy & Intuition  
  • Illuminate Your Creative  Potential & Strengths
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  • Explore the Healing Powers of Nature
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TESTIMONIALS – Clients and  Trainees:
Heather Price is a gifted, knowledgeable and compassionate  healer.  She is someone who understands the unseen world, and is able to  teach others how to enlarge their own capacities to do so too.  I have benefited immensely both personally and professionally from her training  course.  Heather generously shares her gifts in a safe, supportive  environment.  She teaches with much passion and joy.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services and courses to anyone interested in  learning more about themselves and others, and to professionals wanting to  expand their healing capabilities. (Gail Kenny Gestalt Psychotherapist  Brisbane IVET Trainee, 2009).

"Heather  has an extraordinary gift of taking you to amazing depths when she weaves her  magic with you. I have experienced Heather in one-on-one sessions as well as  in group sacred meditations and Shaman walks in the bush.  Each time I am  completely transcended and have amazing results with the work that she does.   I feel truly blessed to have Heather in my life!" (Love Pauline).  

  Dearest Heather, I am so grateful  to the wonderful opportunity you offered me to heal the past and clear the way  for the future through the courses and appointments we have had. Without this  assistance I would have continued to struggle with myself and the world around  me, through your workshops I have found confidence to be my own person and  work fully with spirit.</span></span><span> </span><span><span>Your methodology was so gentle and fulfilled a  dream come true as it has enhanced my life, my relationships and my work now  and am sure forever. It helped me grow into myself and embrace techniques that  I can now assist others with. Thank you so much, you are truly an  inspiration and my angel sent teacher. The Shamanic work has opened many doors  of resolve and insight towards creating a better me. With much love and  blessings.                         (Jo  Ross, Phoenix Therapies and Footreading Australia IVET Trainee,  2007).

I have completed the IVET training and some supervision sessions  with Heather over the past 5 years. These processes have helped me to deepen  the way I live and work and opened up to a more holistic way of working with  my clients. I find now that I am more aware of how energy blocks may be  influencing their progress and how I may facilitate improvement in energy  flow. I have also experienced this personally and have developed a way of  setting up my environment at work and prepare and take care of myself using  Heather’s approach. I am more relaxed, feel supported and open to whatever my  client needs while taking care of myself. As a facilitator I find Heather has  warmth and wisdom, integrity and honesty in her teaching and work.  I  would strongly recommend this training for those who are interested in  deepening their awareness of their own health and working with others.  (Virginia Woods; Counselling Psychologist in Private Practice, Brisbane  Queensland, IVET Student

Doing the  full IVET training with Heather has enriched every aspect of my life and being  on every level, both personal and professional level. I continue to thoroughly  benefit from her teachings and use the relevant practices daily in everyday  life, interactions, yoga teaching, treating with shiatsu and vibrational work.  I am able to guide clients onto another level of healing and  growth.IVET was  like the missing link I needed towards a greater understanding/awareness of  the human spirit, soul and its great capacity to heal, change and  evolve. Heather is  an amazing teacher with great insight, integrity and heartfelt spirit. Her  teachings and techniques are grounded, cohesive, effective and supportive.  IVET is not just a course but remains with you to be integrated into your life  in many different ways.I am forever grateful to be reminded on a soul,  spirit level my deep connection to self, other, my natural surroundings, the  angelic and spirit realms. It opens up many doors if you trust and allow it  to. I would highly recommend it to all who seek, healing, light and love.  (Jeng Erzenjak IVET 2009).

 It takes courage to move  forward and if you challenge yourself, the world will challenge you back. It  takes skill and courage to keep those who wish to learn, safe. Heather is the  skill and the courage! (Brett Kelly IVET Trainee 2008).  

Simply put, Heather helped me get  my mojo back!   

Three years ago I lost my way in the  corporate world and was really unhappy.  In a sense I had allowed myself  to be primarily about metrics, targets and satisfying everyone else. I had the  nice title and enjoyed the business class lounge... all the things I thought  would give me a sense of achievement, but I felt far from happy.  A  costly burnout was the result. With a gas tank at zero I went to see  Heather.

Heather helped me find my heart so I could put it back into my  life!  As odd as that sounds I am now able to work in the world from a  more loving space with more energy and creativity. My friends and clients have  remarked on my calm energy and one client even used the word Zen!  I feel  that my journey is just beginning... and now I can actually enjoy it! Thank  you Heather for sharing your gifts and talents. Lorenne, 2008.    

The creative visioning  inspired by 'Journey with the Eagle' (meditation CD) has helped me to  successfully visualise the future that I have wanted to create for myself. It  opened me up to my path of manifestation which has brought me great abundance.  Soon after, I was offered the perfect job for the perfect pay & this  enabled me to live a life long dream to travel to Europe last year. This has  also helped me to manifest more love & harmony in my relationships &  given me a greater sense of how to live my own  truth. Heather’s work  has been a great gift to my life.  It has provided me with a very sacred  space to connect with those parts of myself that have been in need of healing.  It feels safe to look inside & with her supportive guidance I have been  able to move emotional mountains. This type of healing works on so many  levels.  It has helped me heal & release past wounds & assisted  me to make positive & empowered choices for my future. (Clare  2009).