Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Woman of Light and Love

A Woman of Light and Love

There once was a woman from a far away land who found herself living in a place unfamiliar. She sometimes wondered how she ever managed to arrive where she now found herself - amongst people who were so different to her. Her heart would burst at times from her longing to live kindly and gently, and when she faced great anger, anxiety, or deep sorrow in others, she found it hard not to take on their suffering and to search for a way to help it all go away. This would sometimes cause her to suffer herself, as if somehow by doing so she might lessen the pain of others.

Eventually the woman realised she could no longer live in the strange land where she felt too much for others, and so she decided to move on. While moving physically, by relocating, was familiar and all too common for this kind-hearted woman, this time she felt too tired to do that again. After pondering for days as to what to do, she made a decision that her next move would be an internal one, and so she spent hours meditating in her Inner Worlds with Wise Guides and Teachers to find a way that would enable her to feel like she belonged.

One evening, after a particularly difficult time trying to understand how to manage energy that had come her way from someone in great emotional pain, the answer came to her. It was simple really - she realised that what she could do was to find a way to love herself for the same amount of time that she had felt overwhelmed and consumed by the anger and emotional pain around her. So she cleared the space to sit quietly and close here eyes, listening to her favorite music, and remember all the things she loved about herself. As she breathed in the memory of her True Nature as a Woman of Love and Light, she felt the knot of anxiety in her stomach begin to fade away. She kept her mind still from wondering into past events, and focused on her breath, calling it her Magical Healing Breath - her friend.

As the woman lay in the energy of self-love and internal peace, she felt her heart heal, and a new energy emerged that she was somehow familiar with from a long time ago. She remembered the energy from her childhood, when she would go inside of herself to search for a connection with the love of her Creator spirit when everything around her was dark and difficult. She also found this energy in the horses who nibbled on her straw coloured hair when she sat in the spring fields making daisy chains. She had a memory of this energy when she built tree houses with her best friend, a boy who lived down the road. The same energy had flooded her heart when she had measles as a little girl and her friend had arrived at her bedside having walked for seven miles to see her. There was no doubt this was the energy of unconditional love. And so the woman finally knew what she was searching for, and she knew that no matter what she faced, she would manage it, as long as she remembered to take the time to fill her love tank up every day - and so she did.  And she sent that love all those around her who suffered, and finally, she felt like she belonged, for there was no longer anything outside of herself that she longed for. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Moment In Time

Savor this moment,
For it is a moment etched in Time.

Someone somewhere will
Fall in love in this moment.

Someone somewhere will
Give thanks from their heart.
Many dear little ones will be born,
And many spirits will move to the next world.

Magical moment,
Blessed moment – precious.
A moment to smile.

A moment to smell the roses,
A moment to love yourself,
A moment to give thanks for great things, and small.

A moment of sadness,
Grief acknowledged and therefore healed.

Celebrate you in this moment,
All that you are, and all that you are not.
Celebrate each other, your loved ones,
Your community, your world, our world.

Celebrate life, for this is your moment.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recipes for the Soul

I made these delicious recipes up for my lunch today - the salad was delicious and tangy, and kept me full for hours. The key was to finely chop every thing and my digestive system had little to do.

The pudding was light and healthy, very yummy! All so good for my Soul.

Sesame Oil and Lemon Salad

1 cup grated carrot
½ cup very finely chopped celery
1 cup finely sliced silver beet (or any green salad leaf)
1 cup peeled yellow zucchini ribbons
½ cup soaked sultanas
½ cup roasted pine nuts or cashews
Half teaspoon grated ginger
Half a lemon squeezed
One tablespoon sesame oil

Prepare ingredients, soaking sultanas for a few minute in hot water to soften, and then drain. Put altogether in a large bowl and toss until mixed through. Serve in red bowls to energise if you can.

Lychee and Blackberry Jelly, with Fig and Ginger Spice

Large tin of lychees
Blackberry, sugar free jam
4 dried figs, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of grated ginger.

Place 8 lychees in each bowl for a generous serve. Top with a heaped tablespoon of blackberry jelly. Sprinkle over grated ginger and chopped fig. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reflection Shamanic Walk September 2012

Today we had a lovely walk at Mt Tibrogargen, part of the Glasshouse Mountains. Here, the Nature spirits spoke to us - and this is our reflection of the teachings of the mountains:

We began the journey at a crossroads, where there were many possible distractions, with past experiences, past lives and and ancestral imprints waiting to take our energy. Instead, we chose to focus on our main vision, and to forge ahead with confidence, in presence.

And when we find ourselves fallen, we choose to see this as an opportunity for new growth and expansion, and creative thinking.

When darkness arrives uninvited, and unexpected, and sometimes violently and cruelly, we remember the light, and that life is cyclic. “This too will pass”. We draw strength from the Divine feminine to do this, where we learn to self-care and self-nurture. At the same time, we find the courage to stand up for what is not right for us, and to speak our truth and defend ourselves when necessary. By valuing boundaries, and the natural laws, and when appropriate - man made laws, we feel safe.

And when we remember to honor the earth, to welcome and create joy, we embrace the light, and our shadow is clearly seen, we can make good and right decisions.

And the darkness that we are aware of is then able to reach out to the light, and to be taken to the fire for cleansing and regeneration.

All the while we are aware of the road less travelled, perhaps where there is less opportunity for nurturing and some risk involved with being on the edge, and we can choose to take it – or not. But we are always aware of it. The choice is ours.

Finally,  when we surrender our fear, and fully embrace the support of the earth and unseen worlds, the shamanic way, we arrive at a place that seems so natural and familiar; a place of rest. And here the teacher, the wolf, speaks to us, and reminds us to be still, and to be present.

And with the stillness comes openness, a meeting place of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, a place of strength and nurturing. Here we remember to sing to the earth, and the mountain, in gratitude for all her gifts. Here we remember we are not alone, and to seek out to connect with those of like mind. Here we remember who we are, and to walk strongly on the earth, knowing that people who understand and truly love us without judgment, and in appreciation of our difference, will always search for the best in us. Here we dance and sing and celebrate in joy for life itself.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wake Up with Heather Price - Walking Consciously 08/21 by The Difference | Blog Talk Radio

Wake Up with Heather Price - Walking Consciously 08/21 by The Difference | Blog Talk Radio

Walking Consciously and Authentically in the Business World 

Heather talks with co-host Dr Robyn Mills on working with your intuition and Being Present in business. 
We have so many ways that guide us into making the right choices and decisions in our life, and in business. So often we forget to get out of our head and into our hearts, and be guided by the spirit of our business, that knows which way to go and what is best for all concerned.
We spend so much time each day in our minds, and often feel disconnected from why we are here at a deeper level. When we learn to be present, and become the observer as well as the participant in our daily activities, we can have a deeper, more meaningful experience of life.

Getting to know yourself and understanding your values is the first step in Being Present to yourself. Being prepared to share who you really are, take off the masks, will then let others know what your values are. When our values are exposed, there is more room for a meeting space - a place where we can connect and find respect for each other. This deeper connection and mutual respect can only enhance the flow of work done together.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wake Up with Heather Price & 8 Ways for Walking Consciously 06/27 by The Difference | Blog Talk Radio

Wake Up with Heather Price & 8 Ways for Walking Consciously 06/27 by The Difference | Blog Talk Radio

I really enjoyed sharing the first two of The 8 Ways, Ahuahu and Mea Hui, beautiful and powerful guidelines for walking consciously in your True Nature, on air this morning. If you are searching to be inspired to walk more confidently with trust in yourself and your journey, please listen in. This is my gift to you today, and please feel welcome to share it. i hope your day is filled with opportunities for you to step into your truth and shine your light of love today. Blessings Be, Heather Price, and Shamanic Path and Practice

Photograph by © Gail Grey, shared here with Gratitude to this amazing artist, and her loving support for the work I share.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 You Are Free 

(A Song - 25.15.12)
By Heather Price ♡ - Dedicated to The Spirit of Shamanic Path and Practice

I set you free
To soar amongst the Eagles
And glow in their light,
For they will take you 
To where your soul shines bright.

I set you free
To run amongst the Brumbies
With nothing in your way,
Fearless and powerful
Your faith will never stray.

For your are free,
For you are free.
Fly amongst the Eagles, 
Run with the Brumbies,
You are Free.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When my heart is unafraid to love, regardless of a knowing there will be sorrow and confusion.

When my mind refuses to think beyond now, and relishes in the uncertainty of what ‘this ‘ means, or where it may lead.

When my spirit says – ‘Let’s go’, and soars like the wind on a hot summer’s day, carrying heat up to wondering clouds that tumble madly until they create a storm.

When my body refuses to give in, and instead smiles at the pain, and leads me into a slow dance, knowing there is nothing that can prevent me from finding my way through, around, above, beneath anything that stops me in my tracks.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WAKE UP Heather Price - Managing and Expanding Energy 05/02 by The Difference | Blog Talk Radio

WAKE UP Heather Price - Managing and Expanding Energy 05/02 by The Difference | Blog Talk Radio

I would love to share this show here with you - I am talking about energy - how to understand how to save and create it, and be mindful of it, so you can live a more abundant life in spirit, heart, mind and body.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Your Way is My Way

Your way is my way,
The step you took toward love and freedom
Clearly etched on my soul.

Your way is my way,
The courage it took to forge new lands
Fills my spirit too.

Your way is my way,
Your resilience and strength
Is in my blood, and that of my children.

Grandmothers and Grandfathers in the Stars,
You live through me still,
And show me the way.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Spirit of You

The Spirit of You

The spirit of you is like nothing you could imagine,
Nor is it like anything that anyone else has ever had,
Or will ever have.

It is uniquely yours, a combination of energy
Designed by your soul and the soul of the Universe.

There is no point in trying to work out how to make it better,
Nor how to make it more, or different than what it is.

Instead, it will respond well to acceptance, trust, and loving it,
Just as it is.

A Song to Your Spirit

Spirit of my body,
Of my heart,
I hear you,
I feel you,
And set you free.

Spirit of my mind,
I see you,
And love you,
Mmm, em, mmm um mmm,(hum)
I set you free.

When it is time,
You will come,
You will come home,
Come home to me,
Come home to me.

When it is time,
You will know,
You will know,
And come home,
Come home, to me.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Creation Lost

Shamanic Path and Practice 

Long winding rivers in evergreen forests,
With creatures unimaginable in colour and presence.
“Tread carefully now”, you hear a voice within say,

“Do not to disturb a single bracken
Or miss the beauty of one divine leaf”.

How can man not see the value 
Of what he so unconsciously discards.
Can he not feel this great forest’s spirit?
Can he not see that it is evidence 
Of the both the greatness and the vulnerability in us all.

What do you think happens to all the energy
That you put out to the world when you are in love?
Or when a child you have given life to smiles at you?
Or when you grin with satisfaction when your belly is full?

Can you not see the joy and love in the trees
And the peace in the flowers?
Are not the wild animals evidence of gratitude, 
In their magnificence?

How can man so easily destroy what he unknowingly creates?
Wake up – please wake up.
Are you really willing to take the life and spirit
From such an ancient forest? 

By Heather Price 16.02.12

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Would I Know?

How Would I know?

If it were not for you,
Where would I be?
How would my heart know
When love is not enough,
And when it is?

How would I know myself at all?
I would not be the warrior I am now,
Nor would I know what it is
That makes my soul sing
With joy, 
In its connection with all that is.

Thank you for being my soul mate
For a time,
And for knowing when I needed to
Be released.
Thank you for trusting that I could do
All that I have done.

Our journey together long over,
I can finally look at you with
Only gratitude and a love
That cannot be understood or described.
Undocumented love, in complete
Understanding of our limitations,
And our strengths, together and apart.
For we are one.

Heather Price  21.02.12

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fly Eagle Fly

Fly Eagle fly,
High into the sky.
Take me on you back
And be carried by the wind.

Fly Eagle fly,
High into the sky.
Teach me all there is
To know of faith and love.

Fly Eagle fly,
High into the sky.
Don’t let me give up,
Don’t let me give in

Fly Eagle fly,
High into the sky.
Together we shall fly
High into the sky.

Together we shall fly,
High into the sky.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shamanic Recipes ~ From the Earth, for The Soul. A Feast With Friends.

12. 02.12

A Feast with Friends

Divine White Curry and Jasmine Rice, with Sesame Pumpkin, and Stir-fried Cashew Nuts with Fresh Green Beans, served with fresh sliced mango, cucumber, apple, and chutney, and lemon wedges.

Vegetarian and Vegan, Gluten Free.

Yummmm! What a delicious meal Spirit Chef and I produced last night for dear friends of like-heartedness. We had a fabulous night and I am hoping my friends, Wayne, Lorraine, and Kath, will post some feedback here as well – I asked them to choose and comment on their favourite dish. What a night we had, of connecting, creating sacred healing sounds, journeying with the medicine drum, and eating a delicious, colourful feast. It was topped of with Lorraine’s delicious pudding – a home-made almond and pear pie with fresh yogurt (this recipe is not included here ).

Over the last few years, I have raised my consciousness around the colour of food. I don’t necessarily deliberately set out to purchase food of a certain colour (although that can be beneficial too), rather, I allow myself to be drawn to whatever food calls me, and then I attempt to relate that to my experiences at that time.

For example, when I find myself eating a lot of red, the colour associated with our base chakra, I can see I am building new foundations, or searching to increase my sense of security. 

If I am being particularly creative, which is the primary quality of the sacral chakra - our second chakra just below our navel, I might crave pumpkin, or orange sweet potato. Pumpkin has always been one of my favourite foods and connects me with memories of my mother and grandmother, who cooked wonderful pumpkin. While tough and hard on the outside (for survival) pumpkins have this whole other thing happening on the inside. Lush and moist, and filled with seeds, just like a fertile womb. This chakra is a place of sensuality, fertility and creativity. When I crave pumpkins, I know I am seeding and birthing new ideas.

When I am feeling good, or on holiday, I can’t seem to eat enough mangoes, even just picking them up and holding or smelling them feels good; the colour yellow is associated to our third primary chakra located in our sola plexus. This is the place of personal power, self worth, and self love. Eating yellow food will help lift your spirit. think about it - just looking at a yellow squash lightens my heart, and I love mangoes because they have lots of earthy colours in their skin, and then you get this rich cadmium yellow, juicy flesh that tastes incredible. 

Green always connects me with nature – and the love of Mother Earth, stimulating the heart chakra, which can be also aligned with the colour pink. Greens nurture you in every way and help you feel abundant, vibrant and in love. 

Blue food can be tricky to find– but purple cabbage goes blue when you cook it – and blueberries are my favourite berries( both of these are standards in my diet). Blue is the colour associated to our throat chakra - the place of self-talk. For a long time my head was filled with negative self-talk - so eating blue food reminds me to be gentle and kind with my thoughts - and like the blue sky- open and unlimited. 

Purple, the colour of our brow chakra, seems less prevalent in my diet, although I do use lavender oil every day! The colour purple helps us to connect with our inner guidance, in a calm and graceful way.

The crown chakra is associated with white light and our Great Spirit or High Power. Last night's feast was created to bring friends together to honour Great Spirit through connecting and creating sacred food and sacred sound, and Spirit Chef suggested we make the feature dish a white curry. I also created some colourful side dishes to stimulate the chakras and balance the energy – so here they are – the recipes from last night’s wonderful feast with beautiful friends!

Aloha – In Love and Gratitude Always, and All Ways x Heather

White Curry
·      Rice bran oil – as much as you need to get the job done (ask your Spirit Chef).
·      Thai Green curry paste – or make you own (I didn’t this time).
·      2 large white potatoes with washed skin left on, cut to the size of a lychee.
·      2 large sweet potatoes peeled and diced as above.
·      1 large onion, chopped to same size as potatoes.
·      2 medium chopped zucchinis, roughly peeled, leaving a few coloured strips.
·      1 ½ cups chopped cauliflower.
·      2 cups of water (you may need more).
·      Tin of lychees, or cup full of fresh seeded lychees.
·      Large tin of coconut milk or cream.
·      Salt to taste (I didn’t use any).

I used a large electric frying pan to do this, and it works best. Use a low- medium heat and add a good dash of oil.

Add the curry paste and stir – I use a mild curry past so ended up with 2 and a half tablespoons. Read the directions on the jar, and start with less, taste testing as you go. Remember, you can always add, but it is not so easy to take away.

Put chopped veges in, one batch at a time – starting with the hardest vegetable and finishing with the softest (with the exception of the onion which I put in with the potatoes to give it flavor). You can also keep the lychees out until the very last, adding them just before the coconut milk, as they are so soft.
 Stir and turn until brown,( adding the zucchini only after the potatoes have softened to make sure you don’t overcook it). Add more oil initially, but after that, begin to put in the water, little bits at a time, allowing the vegetables to soak it up, and become creamy, but not saturated.

When the potatoes are soft enough to eat, but still firm, add the remaining water, stir gently, and then add the lychees and coconut milk. Stir for a few minutes until mixed through and of a creamy consistency. Put some to the side to cook for tasting, and then turn off the heat and cover. Taste, and add curry paste if necessary. I put my extra paste in a small amount of boiling water to cook the ingredients of the paste before adding. Add little bits until you get it right for you. Mix through, and serve when ready. Remember – you are making food for Spirit – so some prayers of gratitude are always good, and definitely add a loving flavour to the food.

Jasmine Rice
Ingredients and Cooking
Bring half a medium sized saucepan of water to boil. I use glass saucepans, which are great. When the water is boiled add 1 ½ cups of rice and stir for a few minutes. Cook gently until just softening (about 15 mins) and then put the lid on and turn off the heat. Check the rice 10 minutes before you are ready to serve, and adjust your cooking if you need to – Ask Spirit Chef to help you! Or – use a rice cooker!

Sesame Pumpkin
·      2 cups skinned pumpkin chopped to size of a lychee. I like to chop mine in triangles as it suits the pumpkin’s shape and looks good.
·      Quarter of cup of rice bran oil – or coconut oil (though this will give a different flavor and change the taste of the taste of sesame seeds).
·      Quarter cup sesame seeds.

Using medium heat, put oil in a wok, or deep fry pan with a lid. I actually use a large glass heatproof saucepan. When hot, carefully add pumpkin so oil doesn’t splash out of the pan. Stir-fry till slightly browned and almost soft. Add Sesame seeds, put lid on straight away (they will pop) and turn off the heat. Let it all sit in the oil. I love oil, and think it is good for you, so am happy to serve it up in oil and put on my rice to drain. You can drain a little liquid off, and save for a salad dressing if you would prefer.

Stir-fried Cashew Nuts with Fresh Green Beans

·      1 cup cashew nuts (macadamia are good too), soaked for one hour in spring or filtered water. When nuts are slightly soft, drain and dry in the sun or air if possible – or just put on a clean tea towel and spread out. This allows for easier digestion.
·      Dash of rice bran oil.
·      1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic.
·      2 cups topped and tailed green beans.

Use a saucepan with a lid and add oil and garlic. When warmed, add nuts and stir-fry until brown. Add beans and cover, raising the heat for 30 seconds only. Then turn off and leave lid on until you are ready to serve).

Serve dishes with fresh mango and cucumber, and green apple, with lemon wedges in small dishes. You can partly prepare these before hand, and finish off just before you sit down to eat. Don’t prepare the apple too early, as it will go brown. A good, not-too-sweet, fruit chutney adds flavour to the meal, and will give a groundedness to it as well. The sweetness of the chutney and sharpness of the lemon juice seems to bring you into the present moment.

Serve with delicious sparkling red grape juice mixed with mineral water, and remember to bless the food to bring in the essential ingredient of gratitude that makes this feast so amazing, and one that you simply have to share with your friends who have great spirit and heart.

This dish comfortably serves 4, but there well may be some left over curry. The beauty of these dishes is they are just as delicious cold, as they are hot – with exception of the rice of course. Enjoy!

I would love to hear you comments, and please go to my facebook page and 'like' it if you want to be kept informed of future recipes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shamanic Recipe for Creating More Love and Joy Today

Create Love and Joy Today ………..

To try hard with faith and enthusiasm is to do your best.
To check in, and out, before making assumptions is paying respect.
To listen well is showing you love and care about someone.
To spend time doing what they love to do, even though you have no interest for your self, is to honor difference, and again, demonstrates your love.
To give space for someone to explore who they are, and to centre themselves will always create peace and harmony.
To understand how you yourself best learn and communicate, and how those around you best learn and communicate, will enhance your relationships beyond your belief.
To truly believe in the people you love, and set them free to find their own way, will build the light and love between you, and free the chords of fear that bind you.
To explore connection through touch that has no strings attached will awaken feelings of trust and un-conditional love, and restore the innocence and pure nature of your heart.
To surrender, when there is nothing left to do, is to allow your will to rest awhile, and enjoy the freedom and joy of just ‘being’.

By Heather Price 11.02.12

Shamanic Recipes ~ From the Earth, for The Soul

Organic Vegetable-Nut Cakes, with Delicious Salad Duo

This has to be one of my favorite, and most simple, new dishes!!! In fact after I made it, I simply had to photograph and share it here with you (I did this within immediately I was so excited).

Yum!! It made me feel really happy, as I tried something new and different. I have this amazing (male)voice in my head, whom I call Spirit Chef, who whispers in my ear when I pull things out of the fridge. I have to admit that I didn’t cook the vegetable cake today – it was left over from yesterday and I served it cold – delicious!

When I was guided to grate the carrot, I became really excited as I instantly tasted ginger in my mouth, and Spirit Chef said – “Yes – do it!” So I grated some ginger onto the carrot, at the same realizing that cabbage was the next essential ingredient. Then for a dressing – simple – the lemon was sitting on the chopping board from my lemon water – so a gentle squeeze – and YUM!!

Another secret – I cooked some yummy seed bread and smothered it with avocado (no butter) off my plate, and sprinkled it with pepper, and when I finally sat down and ate it, it was all so divine, I felt like I was in heaven.

We are having friends around for dinner tonight, and Spirit Chef and I are cooking a white vegetable curry (we are having a flute circle afterwards and I figured the white will connect us well with Spirit), and Jasmine rice, with zucchini and cashew nut stir-fry, and sesame pumpkin. If I remember to, and can find batteries for my camera, I will post it here tomorrow, or as soon as I can.

Until then – go well, in gratitude, always, and all ways.

Aloha – Heather, with love.


Vegetable-Nut Cakes
1 large sweet potato chopped and lightly boiled until just soft.
3 medium potatoes chopped and lightly boiled until just soft.
I medium onion, diced, or half cup springs onion
1 cup of unsalted soaked chopped or crushed nuts, cashew or macadamia best.
2 eggs (or substitute a rising agent and half an avocado if you are vegan).
1 cup of Buckwheat flower, or gluten free pancake mix.

Keeping half a cup of the flour back, mix other ingredients together in a large glass bowl until it binds together well. Form round clumps, the sixe of your choice, and flatten slightly in the remaining flour sprinkled on a flat plate.

Added Ingredients – cooking oil of you choice and chutney.
Heat a couple of tablespoons of oil with medium heat, in a flat, non-stick pan and cook on one side until firm. Turn over and cook till firm on other side. Push up against the sides of the pan until it is cooked all round. When cakes are browned and cooked, remove and place on paper toweling before plating up.
Drizzle chutney over sliced cakes.
Delicious Salad Duo

Ingredients for Tossed Green Salad
Cos lettuce, washed, drained, and broken into bite size pieces
Crisp new small cucumber sliced thinly
Ripe avocado
Dressing of your choice

Place half a cup of lettuce on left side of plate, and place cucumber on top, with avocado her and there. Cover lightly with dressing or squeezed orange juice.

Ingredients for Ginger Coleslaw
One carrot washed and dried, grated onto a separate plate
Quarter of cabbage, green or purple, thinly sliced
One teaspoon of grated ginger
One lemon – squeezed

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and serve as side dish, or on the plate

Serves 4.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Greetings - A Daily Prayer

I Greet the Ancestors, and my Great Spirit, 
And I ask that my Soul and Divine Purpose be supported 
By unlimited abundance in every area of my life, 
And for my path to be illuminated at all times, 
And to unfold with ease and grace. 

Heather Price February 2, 2012.


Heather Price 2.01.12

The purple flower commanded my attention,
Demanding I do no less than smell its potent scent,
Transporting me to another time and place.
Here I remember the sound of the roaring water,
Cascading noisily over large rocks, deeply submerged
Into the earth.

The simple moments such as these
Remind me of who I really am,
And distract me from the illusion of
Wounded, Abandoned Self
That I pretend to be,
From time to time.

And what of you?
Is your heart mellow and at peace?
Or is it restricted from rejection and misunderstanding?
Or is it open, like a red lilly in full bloom?
It is time to straighten up, step up – step out,
And meet your dream, now well on its way.