Saturday, November 12, 2011


There is Magic created the minute you tune in to 
where you are right now and be mindful of all that you are - a magnificent, powerful creation of life and creator of light and energy. Think about the thoughts you have and the words you speak - and the visions you create. Live in awareness and be mindful of the powerful creator you are. 

There is Magic in accepting all that is in your life right now, all that has passed,
and all that is to come. When you learn to accept and validate that there have been confronting events in your past, or old limiting beliefs that have held you back, and stop condemning yourself for your shortcomings or decisions that have caused roadblocks, you will keep the energy you need to create Magic through being optimistic about your present and future circumstance, and kind and generous with your thoughts and actions. Remember these steps: 
enquire -> understand-> validate -> accept-> let go-> transform-> restore-> move on;

There is Magic right in front of you, and when you consciously seek it out,
with acknowledgement and a grateful heart, it expands beyond your imagination. Every time you pay attention to what you have rather than what you don't, you are consciously putting in an order to the Universe for more of the same - not the same event necessarily - but the same energy that you have paid attention to. Take time to bless all you have, all that has passed, and all that is coming your way - and bless what is being manifested for others around you - be delighted rather than spited; 

Magic appears with ease and grace when you set out to create it and be open to its possibility,
with a joyful spirt, and you focus on the beauty of life and creation. Take time each morning to imagine, or vision, how you want your day to unfold, and before you get out of bed, ask yourself - "How much joy can I bring to the world today? What am I prepared to do today to create magic in my own, and other people's lives?" Be prepared to make a difference through your clear intention.

There is Magic within you at all times, and you allow it every time you 
step out and up to meet it. It takes courage to create the life you deserve, and it takes courage to accept the fact that you can do this if you put your heart into, with an open mind, and a great spirit. You can do this - this is what you are here to do. Allow yourself to shine today - allow the Magic.

Have a Magical Day - and please share your magic freely 
with others as there is more than enough to go around ✰☼✬☉☯♡♥✱✼♪♫❀


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  1. This morning when I woke - i knew at once it would be a MAGICAL day - everything just flowed. I felt my enthusiasm renewed and really looked forward to the day. This magic has come about through my taking some time yesterday to connect with a dear 'aware' friend and spend several hours together expressing our gratitude for the adventures we have shared - not all of them so easy. We re-told a 'dark' story together and searched for the gifts in our experience - by the time we finished - it felt like we had cleaned out a whole lot of dark cupboards. Today I enjoy the light that is streaming into the space I made with my friends help as I bathed in unconditional love in her presence. GRATITUDE and MAGIC go hand in hand.