Saturday, November 20, 2010

Attitude of Abundance

This is an abundant moon right now – Can You Feel It??
I keep hearing –

Have an Attitude of Abundance Heather – and I so do! 
And am sure you do too.

And I was given a vision of a great, wide, open river flowing freely toward me as I stood on top of my meditation mountain – it came without asking- it was beautiful. 

It came with a message that I want to share with you because I know it is true for you too:

Everything is flowing toward you, be still and receive it all with an open heart ”.

In Love and Gratitude Always


Heather Price
Creative Counselling & Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Path & Practice Trainer (IVET)
Consultant for Wellbeing in Life and Industry (Business/Corporate)
Community Facilitator & Presenter
Sacred Space & Ceremony Facilitator
‘The Difference’ Collaborator & SSSD Team Leader
Artist, Writer. Visionary and Dream-holder

Abundant Zambezi River

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