Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healing and Growing Within The Sacred Circle

Every ship needs a good compass, so let’s begin the journey of creating our own compass for life, the Sacred Circle, so we can become the navigators of our destiny.

When we look more closely at who we are, we discover the four basic aspects of ‘Self’ and our individual compass that guide our every day life in conscious and sub-conscious ways. Our mind, body, heart and spirit all contribute to our identity and individual experience of life, and when these aspects are in balance we are more able to live freely and authentically. Unfortunately we are not always conscious of the processes that are taking place within us and most of us tend to be more aware of our intellectual and physical components of self rather than listening to the needs of our heart and spirit. We often think with our minds to make decisions that would be far more harmonious for us if we had consulted our emotional and spiritual parts of self.

On the other hand, many of us may live our lives primarily in consideration of our emotional and spiritual needs and again, this limited focus will not serve us well in the end. It is when we realise the benefits of bringing all important parts of who we are together into balance that we truly begin to reclaim our power and live our lives to our full potential and with purpose. We also begin to heal when we learn to let go of our past and begin to live in the present moment, and our awareness of who we are and why we are here is heightened in every way.

Living, healing and working within the Sacred Circle helps us to understand that life is cyclic and, contrary to some beliefs that we lead a linear existence, we discover that we are repeating patterns over and over again, each time being given a new opportunity to grow and learn and bring ourselves into balance. When we learn to see our existence as seasonal and cyclic, we are more connected with nature and her natural cycles that flow all around us.

As we give way to a natural urge to resist and shun fear, and begin to accept that the challenges in our life are really opportunities to grow, we remember who we really are, and begin to move with the natural rhythms of the universe. We become more connected to the whole of existence as well being a separate being with his or own personal purpose for healing.

Extract from Level One IVET (Integrative Vibrational Energy Therapy).
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