Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wake Up to Your True Nature

Wake Up to Your True Nature

A Child of Light Born,
With all the gifts she will need
To grow into her true form.
Warm, generous, nurturing, gracious,
A Goddess no less,
With great heart and sensuality,
Flowing within Divine Earth’s sacred rhythms.

A Child of Light Born,
With all the gifts he will need
To be the shining light of God.
Strong, powerful and magnificent,
With his inner beauty radiating
His true nature,
Like that of Radiant Sun.

It is time beloved ones to wake up to your true nature, for this is the quest of human kind, and the reason for your soul’s endurance and persistence. There has been a great imbalance, as separation from divinity has lead humanity into twisted forms of resistance to the beauty within.

Mother Earth makes no distinction amongst her divine children, she only responds to the vibrations within her, and moves accordingly. She wants only to be as healthy and strong as she can, to continue to provide for her beloved ones, she they can nurture and nourish their own souls and each other. She holds space for them to grow strong enough to become their dream, and when they lose their way, she trusts enough to step back and wait for their return. And when they don’t return, she screams with agony and grief for all the beauty and joy and potential lost, and all the loved trapped within her unable to flow peacefully, burdened by deep sorrow’s heart.

Father Sun continues to shine his light above, despite the changes of seasons below. His clear dedication to hold space for his children to shine back to him their true nature, is a reflection of his own radiance. He patiently waits for darkness to settle into earth’s warm glow, within the natural cycles of time. When he sees his children turn away from the light, he never loses faith, for their divinity is so clear to him, his certainty strong that they will find their way.

Seeing Beloved Earth in pain below, he reaches out to stream his light into her heart like a loving arm around her tired shoulders. She folds herself into his warm embrace and feels his love penetrate so deep inside of her, creating new life, new hope, new direction. Together they continue to create and nurture seeds of joy and love to renew the dream of oneness of Creation and Divinity.

The Ancestors watch over above and smile, for all is as it is; all is well.

Heather Price © 25.05.11

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  1. Heather this is truly beautiful. As I read it I felt warmly and safely held by Nature. It sparked in me an impulse to surrender fully and freely into Life. Thank you for the Beauty with which you walk our Earth. Lorraine Givney