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New World Creation

New World Creation – 28.03.11

Many of you will be aware of the significant earth changes on our planet of late. Since January 2010, there have been massive earthquakes which have caused massive and minor destruction throughout the globe, including Haiti in the Caribbean, Antofagasta in Chile, Taiwan in China, Sumatra in Indonesia, Elazig in Turkey, Southern Tagalog Province of the Philippines, and most recently in the east coast region of Japan. Many souls have left the planet suddenly as a result.

While there is the temptation to fear the known and unknown right now, there is also good reason to trust it. 

We know there is mass global devastation on our planet taking place – that is a fact! It is no longer a prophecy or a story someone has made up. It can sometimes be hard to contain fear when tragedy has landed at our doorstep, or we turn on television and the same traumatic scenes are flashed in our faces over and over again.

Wherever I go, I read about and hear great spiritual leaders telling us not to fear, not to give our power away, not to give our attention to, not to validate, not to feel, not to ...not to...not to..

The way I have been shown is quite different to this, and yet a part of it is exactly the same. The shamanic path acknowledges the many different paradox, polar realities, world-views and possibilities, and observes all that occurs in front of him or her  - both from a distance, an eagle’s view, and from within the internal, unseen landscape.

By now, it is becoming more and more accepted that we have a magnetic field that attracts to us that which we give attention to, so why would we choose to focus on the tragedy’s around us all day long? Of course we wouldn’t do that if we really understood our power of creation, would we? And yet we do!

On the other hand, to deny what is happening right in front of our eyes, or to our loved ones, or to our community, or our physical world, is to deny our existence, our purpose, our oneness, our destiny. We are here right now. This is happening to the earth and our beloved brothers and sisters right now – all around us.

So what to do? – How to be?

I ask myself this question every day and it is asked of me in the circles I teach.

If you are reading this article right now, I ask you to observe what is happening in your mind and your body as you read. Notice the emotional energy emerging as you read. Find your own truth within it. Challenge it if you must. Choose to stop reading it right now, if it doesn’t feel true to you, or is not effective in supporting the truth you walk by. Or read on. At some point, you will move on, and the energy of this article may or may not stay with you.

There are steps to this process that we can use every day.

Observe (something is happening – I feel/sense/see/hear it).
Acknowledge (this really is happening – I know it to be true).
Validate (there is reason to be feeling these feelings – fear/anger/sadness/shame – right now).
Decide (Is this serving me to stay with this energy I am creating right now or is it time to release?
Action – (embrace and transform the energy, or release with total trust).
Move On (get back into the flow of light creation).

There are many successful processes available to deal with past and present trauma. Some of them will take you from point A to point Z very quickly, and you may stay at that point for a very short time, or you might simply have the strength and conviction to carry you through and beyond point Z instantaneously – back into the flow of light and life. How you process your experiences is up to you. We all have our own journey, mission, or quest.

My own quest is to assist people to wake up – to wake up to New World creation. Part of this journey is to help people pull things apart and to get to know themselves and how they operate really well, how they can use what they have, reshape it, transform it, and re-create what they want. It is about being respectful of energy, being aware and validating history –past experience, and about living fully in the moment in this time, aware, awake, with an open and resilient heart. It is also about taking responsibility for one’s own part in conscious creation – acknowledging an inner call to participate in the universal life force that each one of us is part of. There is little time now for the Lone Wolf in the New World Creation.

So I say – listen to your whole self, and the whole of your existence. Watch, observe, enjoy, share, be present, connect, laugh, love, find peace, have faith, grow, expand, reach out, rest, relax, flow, breathe, live............ consciously.

Ten days ago, part of my world came to an end. Just like the earth, I felt an eruption inside of me, and fire and heat built up within my internal organs. I had to hold this raging force in for a while, until I found the right time to let it go. First I took my experience to my head, then almost instantly to my heart, then my spirit kicked right in and lifted me up high above it so I could observe it form a distant. Now I have brought it back to earth, as I realise fully it’s perfection. While processing this journey of death and new life, I came fully into the reason I am here.

I am here to Wake Up those who walk with me!

As this realization came to me once again, standing by my wishing well in a beautiful creek bed, I looked up and above my head were two large spiders in a web. They told me – you know you are a part of the Creation of The New World of Light and Love – get on with it!

As I walked away, feeling supported, purposeful, light, and relaxed, a beautiful light purple butterfly came toward me and literally stuck itself to my third eye for several seconds. I could see it’s tiny wings flapping right in front of my eyes. Then it flew around my head to my feet and joined another six or so butterflies the same colour in a dance around my legs and feet. It was awesome. Butterflies represent the cycles of life, and what you get when you finally trust and allow the transformation to occur. I have never seen this colour butterfly before, therefore I feel open to welcome in something new and magical into my life. 

Over the next day or so, I felt invigorated and free to move on to my next stage creating abundance of joy, peace, love and light in every area of my life. Yesterday, my internal shift back into my power became evident. The new role I am stepping into is Corporate Shaman – one who brings nature and natural law, and connection with community into mainstream business and industrial cogs of creation in the physical world. A wild creature in an urban and technical environment you might say!

Contemplating my new role in the New World as I was driving in the centre of  a large, thriving, coastal town yesterday, mid-morning, I pulled my car to a quick halt as a huge buck grey kangaroo jumped out onto the side of the road on my left. I instinctively pulled up right next to him and our eyes instantly met -  he stared deeply into my eyes. He was so strong, and powerful, and stood upright – ready to move if he had to, but also clearly unafraid. My logical mind, apart from being totally surprised by this very unusual event, wanted to protect him from oncoming traffic, but something inside of me guided me to trust, and to take in his beauty and his message for me. Strangely, there were no other cars around anyway, and so I sat there and we continued to look at each other. Then he turned and hopped away into a nearby garden.

Kangaroo has long been a symbol for my physical world, representing abundance, and being ready and equipped to take leaps and bounds to where ever you need to go to get the job done. It is powerful medicine. It has helped me greatly on my journey as a sole mother raising three sons to manhood.

So one would say, for an urban shaman, I am fully supported by my bush friends right now, not only in my internal world, but right here in front of me! I am blessed – and so are you.

My parting message for you is to take time now –  to watch, observe, acknowledge, track, and validate, learn and grow – Most of all, be present enough to acknowledge the signs that will guide you along the way as you Wake Up to the New World, which really isn’t new at all.... Ancient ways are re-emerging. It is time.

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  1. Fabulous Heather, what a wonderful and inspiring piece of writing. Blessings to you.