Thursday, December 15, 2011

Earth Angels Everywhere

Are you an earth angel? How would you know if you were? Are we all earth angels? Are some earth angels aware of who and what they are, or are they not aware at all? What is an earth angel?

Early one morning I was walking from the train station to the college in inner city Brisbane where I was studying, and I noticed the people in front of me were weaving their way around a man coming from the other direction. When I say weaving around, they were actually going to great lengths to avoid him, crossing the road, taking side steps, heads looking down to avoid eye contact with him.

When I looked at the man in army green cotton jacket and pants staggering toward me, I noticed his bent frame and grey hair, but I also noticed something else that was happening within me. My heart was beating rapidly, and I felt the energy of loving kindness sweeping through me; I also felt a pang of familiarity and great love. So, instead of avoiding this man, I stopped in my tracks and waited for him to approach me, searching to connect with his eyes, so I could say “good morning” from my heart. The man met my eyes at last, and stopped to receive my greeting. Then something amazing happened that I will never forget - the man straightened his bent frame, and looked me square in the eyes, and my heart took a great leap as love burst through every fibre of my being. He had the bluest, clearest eyes I have ever seen, and they reminded me of the eyes of Jesus that I had seen on holy cards as a child. No longer, able to speak, I merely nodded to this divine man, and he reached into his pocket and took out a picture of an angel and showed it to me, before putting it back in his pocket, and then he moved on.

Since that day, I have been aware that angels walk amongst us, and many of them are conscious of who they are, playing out parts for all of us to learn about compassion, kindness and love. I also believe that many earth angels are unconscious, and eventually they come into knowing whom they are, through the compassion, kindness and love shown to them by others. As each earth angel wakes up, he or she then walks consciously, aware of who they are, and their roles.

Not so long ago, for the second time, I was blessed to receive, by email, an opportunity to invite three angels into my home who would grant me three wishes, staying for three days to keep me company and work their magic. During my preparation time I was asked to prepare my invitation for the angels, writing down my wishes, greet them at a certain time, light a candle, offer them a white flower each, and then wait for them to show up. The first time I did this, I was overwhelmed when they finally arrived, as I immediately felt their presence. The second time, I was very busy and stayed out over night, and had to take the candle and letter to them everywhere I went, and yet their presence was still strong and loving. When I finally said good bye to them and thanked them for their patience and understanding, it was sad to say goodbye to them, as I sent them onto a lucky friend.

When I was a small child I used to lie in bed in the evenings and say my prayers to the angels – while my guardian angel, who I could clearly see, would watch over me and keep me safe:

Oh Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom’s God’s love commits me here, with ever this night be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

When I was three years old, my angels took me to the clouds to play with them while I was experiencing trauma that my little psyche and heart simply could not deal with.

Angels, are everywhere, there is no doubt in my mind of that; whether they appear as the drunken man asking for money on a corner, or are your guests at your invitation who come to assist you to heal and grow, or whether they keep you company and safe. They are also incredibly polite, and will not step forward without your invitation, unless you are a helpless child, needing to be kept safe in your mind and heart. Then they will step in and sweep you up in their great arms and fly you to the clouds to sing to you and remind you of your innocence and beauty.

During this time, we are experiencing so many changes, as we wake up together into the light. It is an exciting time, and a time when we have a chance to really step up and out to meet our dreams and create the type of world we can feel free to be ourselves in. At the same time, there will be an opposite (perhaps opposing) force to this, just as yin meets yang, and we may well see this as darkness and disparity, even calamity perhaps. It is at these times, we do well to remember, that it is in the darkness that the light shines brightest, and that everything that seemingly opposes us, can actually serve to awaken us.

So, whether you walk in a world where your mind is your ruler, or whether you glide with ease and grace in a world where your heart beckons you to serve humanity, remember you never walk alone; there are earth angels everywhere, perhaps you are one?

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