Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Heather Price 2.01.12

The purple flower commanded my attention,
Demanding I do no less than smell its potent scent,
Transporting me to another time and place.
Here I remember the sound of the roaring water,
Cascading noisily over large rocks, deeply submerged
Into the earth.

The simple moments such as these
Remind me of who I really am,
And distract me from the illusion of
Wounded, Abandoned Self
That I pretend to be,
From time to time.

And what of you?
Is your heart mellow and at peace?
Or is it restricted from rejection and misunderstanding?
Or is it open, like a red lilly in full bloom?
It is time to straighten up, step up – step out,
And meet your dream, now well on its way.

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