Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Woman of Light and Love

A Woman of Light and Love

There once was a woman from a far away land who found herself living in a place unfamiliar. She sometimes wondered how she ever managed to arrive where she now found herself - amongst people who were so different to her. Her heart would burst at times from her longing to live kindly and gently, and when she faced great anger, anxiety, or deep sorrow in others, she found it hard not to take on their suffering and to search for a way to help it all go away. This would sometimes cause her to suffer herself, as if somehow by doing so she might lessen the pain of others.

Eventually the woman realised she could no longer live in the strange land where she felt too much for others, and so she decided to move on. While moving physically, by relocating, was familiar and all too common for this kind-hearted woman, this time she felt too tired to do that again. After pondering for days as to what to do, she made a decision that her next move would be an internal one, and so she spent hours meditating in her Inner Worlds with Wise Guides and Teachers to find a way that would enable her to feel like she belonged.

One evening, after a particularly difficult time trying to understand how to manage energy that had come her way from someone in great emotional pain, the answer came to her. It was simple really - she realised that what she could do was to find a way to love herself for the same amount of time that she had felt overwhelmed and consumed by the anger and emotional pain around her. So she cleared the space to sit quietly and close here eyes, listening to her favorite music, and remember all the things she loved about herself. As she breathed in the memory of her True Nature as a Woman of Love and Light, she felt the knot of anxiety in her stomach begin to fade away. She kept her mind still from wondering into past events, and focused on her breath, calling it her Magical Healing Breath - her friend.

As the woman lay in the energy of self-love and internal peace, she felt her heart heal, and a new energy emerged that she was somehow familiar with from a long time ago. She remembered the energy from her childhood, when she would go inside of herself to search for a connection with the love of her Creator spirit when everything around her was dark and difficult. She also found this energy in the horses who nibbled on her straw coloured hair when she sat in the spring fields making daisy chains. She had a memory of this energy when she built tree houses with her best friend, a boy who lived down the road. The same energy had flooded her heart when she had measles as a little girl and her friend had arrived at her bedside having walked for seven miles to see her. There was no doubt this was the energy of unconditional love. And so the woman finally knew what she was searching for, and she knew that no matter what she faced, she would manage it, as long as she remembered to take the time to fill her love tank up every day - and so she did.  And she sent that love all those around her who suffered, and finally, she felt like she belonged, for there was no longer anything outside of herself that she longed for. 

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