Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Magical Moment

As I sit here at the airport on my way to Melbourne to work, I can hardly believe how I feel now compared to how I did this morning. I wonder if I had taken the time to write this blog early this morning if my day might have unfolded differently?

Right now, I am tired and frustrated. My plane is a half hour late, and as I arrived an half hour earlier so I would have time to write this, I realise that it is just as well, because I forgot to do that when I first arrived. So here I am, attempting to bring things back into order by sharing a magical moment I had this morning with you.

Waking early, with dozens of things on my mind to do to get ready to go to work and to get away later to Melbourne, I decided to take a walk down by the brook to prepare my day. Soon after my decision, I found myself on the busy pathway by a flowing creek not far from my house. It was about 6am and there were people everywhere - pushing prams containing children and kittens (I am not kidding), walking dogs, on bikes, hand in hand, jogging, they were everywhere. As I made my own way on this busy pathway, I did my best to stay in the moment and still my busy mind. Using my senses, I took in the scents, the sounds, what I felt, and tried not to get too carried away with the distraction of what I could see.

After about half an hour I was feeling very peaceful, and began to sink into a state of gratitude. As I turned back to walk homeward, my breath was taken away by the sight of the brook glistening in the sunlight. Though I realised time was slipping away and there was much to do, I couldn't help myself and took a moment to stop under the busy bridge and take in the spectacular beauty. Then I noticed something - it had suddenly become very quiet, and I realised I was alone under the bridge with this incredible beauty in front of me. There was no one in sight - not even in the distance. For several minutes no car travelled overhead, and only a few minutes early there had been a steady flow of traffic. No bikes, no babies or cats in prams, no scrambling dogs, no lovers sharing the precious moments of the first day, no sullen young men going reluctantly to school and work, no joggers. Nothing -  just me and the magical landscape in front of me.

I began to cry, the tears rolling down my cheek. I remembered how many moments like this I had had during my 35 years on the land, and realised I was homesick. At the same time, I had no doubt I had been blessed with this divine gift - just for me. Several minutes passed, still in silence and solitude, and I felt a connection with all of you - I suddenly couldn't wait to get home and write about this, to share it with you.

When I arrived home, I looked at the clock (a big mistake) and changed my mind; I had so much to do before I went to work. I decided I would write about it at work. When I got to work I was distracted by an 'urgent' email and another task to do. My work with my clients didn't flow - my timing was out and I felt unhappy with my skills for the first time that I can remember in a long time. The day continued until I finally found myself at the airport. The taxi driver got me here early by breaking all the road rules he could, even though I kept telling him there was no hurry (I think the airlines heard me even though he took no notice). Arriving early at the gates, I was exhausted. Later, when they announced the plane was half hour late, I went to phone my friend in Melbourne to tell her, only to find my phone was flat. Finally, I remembered - I hadn't written my blog - I hadn't shared my magical moment.

So here I am, seemingly with minutes to go before I will be boarding until another announcement tells me the plane is another half hour late - I am still not in flow.

When I look back at that magical moment, as I stood in awe at the beauty and solitude of the shimmering brook, I realise how addicted I have become to being 'on time'. Tears well up with sorrow that I didn't take the time to sit and share that moment when it really felt right. Then I smile to myself, as I realise and remember that all is divine and perfect. I have had the opportunity to sit here and reflect on my day, to unwind, to write to you, to share deeply; to realise I am human, that I give 100 percent, and sometimes that just isn't enough for others, but it is always enough for Great Spirit, and always enough for me.

I just hope my friend in Melbourne is as certain of divine time as I am, and the minute I wonder this, I know she will be. All is well.

I promise never to forget the gift of the brook this morning. I promise to listen with even more awareness to my inner voice. I promise to continue to share my magical moments with whom ever wants to listen. I promise to continue to trust in my journey and to believe more in myself.

It is time at last to prepare to board. Thank you, with Love and Gratitude Always.

I aspire to inspire those who travel with me to live consciously and confidently, and to step up to meet their dreams, keeping and open and resilient heart in love and gratitude, always, and all ways.

I stand for equality - and know every single person deserves to be supported to reach their full potential. I am a Dream-holder and Visionary, and will hold your dreams and share your visions until you can hold and see them for yourself. 

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