Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Would I Know?

How Would I know?

If it were not for you,
Where would I be?
How would my heart know
When love is not enough,
And when it is?

How would I know myself at all?
I would not be the warrior I am now,
Nor would I know what it is
That makes my soul sing
With joy, 
In its connection with all that is.

Thank you for being my soul mate
For a time,
And for knowing when I needed to
Be released.
Thank you for trusting that I could do
All that I have done.

Our journey together long over,
I can finally look at you with
Only gratitude and a love
That cannot be understood or described.
Undocumented love, in complete
Understanding of our limitations,
And our strengths, together and apart.
For we are one.

Heather Price  21.02.12

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