Friday, February 10, 2012

Shamanic Recipe for Creating More Love and Joy Today

Create Love and Joy Today ………..

To try hard with faith and enthusiasm is to do your best.
To check in, and out, before making assumptions is paying respect.
To listen well is showing you love and care about someone.
To spend time doing what they love to do, even though you have no interest for your self, is to honor difference, and again, demonstrates your love.
To give space for someone to explore who they are, and to centre themselves will always create peace and harmony.
To understand how you yourself best learn and communicate, and how those around you best learn and communicate, will enhance your relationships beyond your belief.
To truly believe in the people you love, and set them free to find their own way, will build the light and love between you, and free the chords of fear that bind you.
To explore connection through touch that has no strings attached will awaken feelings of trust and un-conditional love, and restore the innocence and pure nature of your heart.
To surrender, when there is nothing left to do, is to allow your will to rest awhile, and enjoy the freedom and joy of just ‘being’.

By Heather Price 11.02.12

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