Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Creation Lost

Shamanic Path and Practice 

Long winding rivers in evergreen forests,
With creatures unimaginable in colour and presence.
“Tread carefully now”, you hear a voice within say,

“Do not to disturb a single bracken
Or miss the beauty of one divine leaf”.

How can man not see the value 
Of what he so unconsciously discards.
Can he not feel this great forest’s spirit?
Can he not see that it is evidence 
Of the both the greatness and the vulnerability in us all.

What do you think happens to all the energy
That you put out to the world when you are in love?
Or when a child you have given life to smiles at you?
Or when you grin with satisfaction when your belly is full?

Can you not see the joy and love in the trees
And the peace in the flowers?
Are not the wild animals evidence of gratitude, 
In their magnificence?

How can man so easily destroy what he unknowingly creates?
Wake up – please wake up.
Are you really willing to take the life and spirit
From such an ancient forest? 

By Heather Price 16.02.12

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