Friday, February 10, 2012

Shamanic Recipes ~ From the Earth, for The Soul

Organic Vegetable-Nut Cakes, with Delicious Salad Duo

This has to be one of my favorite, and most simple, new dishes!!! In fact after I made it, I simply had to photograph and share it here with you (I did this within immediately I was so excited).

Yum!! It made me feel really happy, as I tried something new and different. I have this amazing (male)voice in my head, whom I call Spirit Chef, who whispers in my ear when I pull things out of the fridge. I have to admit that I didn’t cook the vegetable cake today – it was left over from yesterday and I served it cold – delicious!

When I was guided to grate the carrot, I became really excited as I instantly tasted ginger in my mouth, and Spirit Chef said – “Yes – do it!” So I grated some ginger onto the carrot, at the same realizing that cabbage was the next essential ingredient. Then for a dressing – simple – the lemon was sitting on the chopping board from my lemon water – so a gentle squeeze – and YUM!!

Another secret – I cooked some yummy seed bread and smothered it with avocado (no butter) off my plate, and sprinkled it with pepper, and when I finally sat down and ate it, it was all so divine, I felt like I was in heaven.

We are having friends around for dinner tonight, and Spirit Chef and I are cooking a white vegetable curry (we are having a flute circle afterwards and I figured the white will connect us well with Spirit), and Jasmine rice, with zucchini and cashew nut stir-fry, and sesame pumpkin. If I remember to, and can find batteries for my camera, I will post it here tomorrow, or as soon as I can.

Until then – go well, in gratitude, always, and all ways.

Aloha – Heather, with love.


Vegetable-Nut Cakes
1 large sweet potato chopped and lightly boiled until just soft.
3 medium potatoes chopped and lightly boiled until just soft.
I medium onion, diced, or half cup springs onion
1 cup of unsalted soaked chopped or crushed nuts, cashew or macadamia best.
2 eggs (or substitute a rising agent and half an avocado if you are vegan).
1 cup of Buckwheat flower, or gluten free pancake mix.

Keeping half a cup of the flour back, mix other ingredients together in a large glass bowl until it binds together well. Form round clumps, the sixe of your choice, and flatten slightly in the remaining flour sprinkled on a flat plate.

Added Ingredients – cooking oil of you choice and chutney.
Heat a couple of tablespoons of oil with medium heat, in a flat, non-stick pan and cook on one side until firm. Turn over and cook till firm on other side. Push up against the sides of the pan until it is cooked all round. When cakes are browned and cooked, remove and place on paper toweling before plating up.
Drizzle chutney over sliced cakes.
Delicious Salad Duo

Ingredients for Tossed Green Salad
Cos lettuce, washed, drained, and broken into bite size pieces
Crisp new small cucumber sliced thinly
Ripe avocado
Dressing of your choice

Place half a cup of lettuce on left side of plate, and place cucumber on top, with avocado her and there. Cover lightly with dressing or squeezed orange juice.

Ingredients for Ginger Coleslaw
One carrot washed and dried, grated onto a separate plate
Quarter of cabbage, green or purple, thinly sliced
One teaspoon of grated ginger
One lemon – squeezed

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and serve as side dish, or on the plate

Serves 4.

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